Life is Art!

“I Love Cedar Key” Acrylic on 11″ x 14″ Canvas

“Where do you work?”

“Oh. I don’t work. I have adventures!”

“Are you retired?”

“Sometimes I get tired. So I rest so I’ll be ready for the next adventure.”

“I mean what do you do for a living?”

“I look for miracles while I’m having my adventures.”

“No. I mean how do you support yourself?”

“I have very good legs. Yes. They are old, but they still support me very well. It’s a miracle, isn’t it?”

“Ha! Ha! I mean how do you make money?”

“Oh! I don’t make money! I think that’s illegal, isn’t it? I think the U.S. Treasury is the only one allowed to do that!”

“Ha! Ha! I mean how do you get money to pay your bills?”

“Oh! Sometimes people give me money. It’s almost like they know when I need it! It’s a miracle!”

“What? They just give you money for no reason?”

“No! Of course not! Ha! Ha! They give me money for showing them miracles.”

“Really? How do you show them miracles?”

“Lots of ways. Sometimes I put paint on a canvas and allow my hands and my eyes to be the tools for the expression of Creative Energy. When I quiet my Ego-mind and allow the expression to flow freely, without judgment, the result is a visual representation of a miracle! It may be the expression of joy or Love or wonder in the eyes of a beautiful Soul, whether human or another species. Or it may be the expression of the glory of Nature in a delicate flower, or a magnificent tree. Or a river or a mountain or a woodland path. Or it could be the flow of colors and shapes and lines and forms and textures that remind us on a spiritual level of how universal and powerful Creative Energy is. It’s all a miracle and miracles are everywhere! Always there if we only take the time to really look!”

“Oh. So you’re an artist?”

“Yes! We all are! And we get to choose how we want to express our appreciation of miracles! Some of us make music, or make poetry or tell stories – no matter what media we use, we’re making souvenirs of miracles we’ve found or that we are experiencing even as we create. And we share them with others so that they will remember to always be having adventures and looking for miracles. I always put a lot of Love energy into everything I make so that the person who needs it will recognize it when they see it. Sometimes when they see it they like it so much that they want to have it with them so they can feel that way every time they look at it. And that’s why they give me money. And the greatest miracle is that we are always provided with what we need when we live in appreciation for, and communion with Nature and the miracles that invite our purest expression of them.

You know we were created in the Image of the Ultimate Creator, right?”

~Judi Cain

“Energy Elements” Acrylic and polished stones on 24″ x 18″ Canvas Private Collection

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