The artist – process and product.

The artist does not “think” about creating a product. Thinking about making a product is the ego mind at work, and gets in the way of true creation. The ego mind has rules, and doubts and a false sense of knowing and not knowing. The ego mind seeks approval and confirmation, wants to get it “right,” wants to BE “right,” wants to be “in control.” This is not to say that the ego mind is “wrong.” But approval and confirmation from others is a bonus that the artist’s ego mind receives after participating in the process and surrendering control. 

Art is a continuing process of learning from nature to use the senses to understand the dynamics of creation itself. The process is the important thing and belongs to the artist. The product is a symbol of what has been observed or sensed and belongs to the world, that others may share in the learning – to be moved emotionally in some way from what the artist has observed.

To learn about creation takes daily practice and focusing on messages from the senses.To see beyond what we think we see, what we’ve been told that we should see – to embrace the unique perspective that belongs to each of us. There has never been, nor will there ever be another just like you, standing where you stand, observing what you see. To be an artist, you must dare to learn what your unique perspective is, by constant practice, by constant observation, without fear of judgment, losing control, or being “wrong.”

This is true, whatever medium is chosen – whether painting or sculpting or poetry or music, or planting a garden or restoring an automobile – whatever means you will use to express your observations, using your senses, from your unique perspective, what you are learning from nature, from the Ultimate Creator.

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